You’re Going To Be OK

**I want to apologize for my absence. To say I needed some time of reflection would be an understatement. I had all but given up, desperate for a sign from God. Something good, something kind, bringing peace to every corner of my mind - then a friend suggested Psalms 20 and here I am. I'm [...]


Myth Busters

With the mark of Halloween I find it necessary to bring about a look at myths. There are many myths surrounding this day of ghosts, mummies, vampires, goblins... the list goes on. But, Halloween is not the only place where myths arise. Many of us, in the church, are guilty of continuing the problem of myths. I'm [...]

Limp into Your Blessing

Happy Monday 🙂 Can you imagine wrestling with God? Genesis 32:22-24 Reveals that before Jacob could cross the Jabbok River, a man attacked and fought with him. The fight was real, and it was physical. “Now he arose that same night and took his two wives and his two maids and his eleven children, and [...]

His Praise Will Ever Be On Our Lips

PRESENTING... Dum dum dum dum *drum roll please* MUSIC MONDAY'S. I bring to my blog Music Monday’s not just to share some of my favourite songs but also to allow us all to worship God. If anyone out there is like me then when you hear a certain song it can drive you to new [...]