The Voices in my Head

When the world says 'no way' God's Word says 'yahweh' **Before I begin today's post I would like to apologize and thank you all for being patient with me. I finished my last exam over the weekend so no more exams or 15 page papers (for now), my work there is done and the joy here can finally [...]


No Fear, Know Peace

Say no to fear. At one level fear is healthy. “Fear” is an emotion introduced by a perceived threat. It is a guiding emotion. It is God-given. It is a basic survival mechanism. It keeps us alive. It keeps us from danger. However, there is also unhealthy fear. The Greek word commonly used is phobos [...]

“I Am Who I Am”

Here's another post for your Monday blues, something to bring you not only into this new week but this new month of February with God on your mind. Exodus 3:13–15 says, Then Moses said to God, “If I come to the people of Israel and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me [...]