You Make Me Brave

How many of us can attest that our worship fails because we fear? We don't feel good about our situations enough to give our praises to the Lord. This week we're focusing on how to be brave by challenging ourselves to brave the waves of anxiety in our everyday lives by reminding us who controls [...]


The Most Wonderful Father of All

Good day all and a happy MONDAY! 🙂 This week let's focus on the love of our eternal Father up above. Jesus calls God “your Father.” He used that designation for God twenty-one times in the Gospels. The Bible gives us some precious insights into our relationship to “our Father.” It is a PERSONAL relationship – The title [...]

His Praise Will Ever Be On Our Lips

PRESENTING... Dum dum dum dum *drum roll please* MUSIC MONDAY'S. I bring to my blog Music Monday’s not just to share some of my favourite songs but also to allow us all to worship God. If anyone out there is like me then when you hear a certain song it can drive you to new [...]