The Voices in my Head

When the world says ‘no way’ God’s Word says ‘yahweh’

**Before I begin today’s post I would like to apologize and thank you all for being patient with me. I finished my last exam over the weekend so no more exams or 15 page papers (for now), my work there is done and the joy here can finally resume! This semester – scratch that – this year has been very challenging. I’ve faced many hard times and it seemed I would never end this semester, but look at me now! Today I’d like to focus on our inner thoughts and how our thoughts will betray us, and how important it is to walk daily with God’s Word.

I am an over thinker. I ponder, muse, speculate and worry about many things. I  consider the words I say, the words I didn’t say, the things I do, and the things I should have done habitually. I recall sorrows, heartaches and past mistakes. And unfortunately I am not the only one. There are many of us out there who face this problem: the more we think, the more we despair.

However, the solution is easy – the Word. God’s Word reminds us of who we are, what we have inside, and silences all fear and doubt. God’s word has the power to change and transform us. Lies lose their power in the face of truth.

It’s time to take your thoughts captive. We mustn’t be influenced by the outside world and its impression on our thoughts. We don’t have to listen to ourselves, but we do have to talk back. We must speak the truth of God’s word to our hearts. We need to know God’s word by heart so that it is always on the tip of our tongue, ready to fire at the lies that we hold on to. When it comes to our overthinking, we need to rebuke and correct ourselves with the truths of what Jesus has done, what he is doing, and what he will do.

It’s not about how the world sees us, but how the Word sees us. Let the spirit of Jesus live within you so that you are reminded of His unending promise. May Heaven remain inside you.

P.S Thank you to those who walked with me during this school year. Those who proofread, who encouraged, who prayed, who stayed on the phone while I cried, and those who inspire me daily. Y’all are the real MVPs ❤

This week’s song is Yahweh by Elevation Worship

Spirit of Jesus
Living within us
Never to fail or forsake
Unending promise
Heaven inside us
Whispers the sound of Your name

Holy is the Lord
Worthy to be praised

Filled with Your wonder
Here I surrender
Held in Your mystery of grace
Calling me closer
Waking desire
Coming alive in Your name

Holy is the Lord
Worthy to be praised
Fire rising in my soul
All consuming flame

He who was and is to come
Is the One who lives in us
The great I am

Holy is the Lord
Worthy to be praised
Fire rising in my soul
All consuming flame

Pulling Me Through


Do you hate to wait? Do you grow anxious in waiting for a situation to turn around?

Anxiety holds our hearts bondage. Impatience is an acute strand of anxiety that can mesmerize and trap a soul. It usually starts slow and then the innocent desire increasingly becomes a torrent of want: “I want it”… “I want all”… “I want is all now, RIGHT NOW!

As ferocious as impatience can be it usually starts off innocent from waiting on a text message, a spouse, a child, or even a job.

When God Says “Later”
We need to recognize that no matter what, NO MATTER, God will pull us through. He’s currently doing the pulling. We just have to understand that the pull sometimes takes time, we must understand when God says “later.

When God says “later” he’s turning up the emotional volume knob to reveal what our heart’s actually saying.

Delayed Gratification
We don’t know if we’ll get a “yes,” “no” or maybe a “later” until after the fact. But what we do know is that no matter the situation or the answer, God is making a way. It’s important that we use this wait time to:

1. Increase faith
Firstly, if God didn’t want a deep and affectionate relationship with you, he would give you everything you wanted immediately. He would never subject you to any of the injustices of the world and placate you with pleasures of this world. For those who know our God, that is unlike him – not unlike him to bless, but unlike him to appease. God did not send his Son to satisfy our temper tantrum. He wants us to wait. He wants us to trust. He wants us to believe.

2. Instill appreciation
Secondly, immediacy can depreciate the value with which the recipient receives the gift. Exercising patience is an investment in future enjoyment and complete appreciation for the waiting process.

3. Engrain permanence
Thirdly, in order for some gifts goodness to last it requires time to implant and grow; like a seed needs lots of water, sun and time to make a strong, lasting tree!

“He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.” Psalm 40:2

God has the power to help the weakest and enough grace to help the unworthiest of all that trust in him. The psalmist waited patiently; he continued believing, hoping, and praying. This is applicable to Christ and his agony on the cross. But those that wait patiently for God do not wait in vain. Christ is the Rock on which a poor soul can alone stand fast. Where God has given stedfast hope, he expects there should be a steady, regular walk and conduct. God filled the psalmist with joy, as well as peace in believing and he wants to do the same for you. Multitudes, by faith beholding the sufferings and glory of Christ, have learned to trust in the mercy of God through Him.

It might not look as though your situation is changing but just know he’s in the process of pulling you through!

This week’s song is Pulling Me Through by Todd Dudlaney

Lord its been you
Through all I have gone through Lord it was you

Chorus: Through all i have gone through Lord it was you
Lord it was you x2

It was You , It was You that now pulling me through

It was you, Lord it was You pulling me through

when I stumbled, when I cried when it felt like I wanted to die

when my friends turned and they walked away
you were right here right here to stay

It was You It was You pulling me through

It was you, Lord it was You pulling me through

Yes, when I stumbled, when I cried when it felt like I wanted to die

When my friends turned and they walked away
You were right here, right here to stay

It was you, Lord it was You

He’ll never walk out on you
No never, no never (lead x2 chorus x4)

I’m a witness that He’ll never, no never x2

Oh ohhhhh ohhhhhh oh oh ohhhh oh ohhhhhh x3