Strengthen Your Relationship W/ Your Partner

Food for thought ❤

Discovering Your Happiness

Whoever said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” must have never been told a rude word, or never went to high school. Words hurt, and they can leave scars with us that are difficult to heal. We are not perfect and we occasionally react in ways we wish we could take back. Sometimes we say things that are hurtful and that we don’t truly mean. Other times, we don’t even realize the things we are saying to another person can be damaging. We aren’t aware of our passive aggressive tone, or that we don’t need to bring up that one subject again.

All of this goes for being in a relationship, as well. It’s normal for couples to argue and to get into heated debates, but we do need to eliminate some words from our vocabulary. Communication is key for a relationship to…

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What’s Next?

I'm sure if some of us got a nickel for every time someone asked us, "what next?" we'd be rich! Whether you're graduating, leaving your job, moving out, getting married, or retiring that question follows us. We all want to know what's next. We cannot fathom the idea of leaving a situation, whatever it is, [...]

Resolutions Into Realities

As we end one year and look to a new one, we pause to take inventory. In a rare moment of reflection and honest self-assessment, we admit our failures. We pledge to learn from them and move toward a better future.  We all want to be better, to live our lives fully and to love [...]


The Christmas Story

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE 🙂 "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all people" (Luke 2:10). In Luke's account of the Christmas story, an angel announced the birth of Jesus to a group of shepherds (notice that it's a group of shepherds and not merely three wise men). [...]


Myth Busters

With the mark of Halloween I find it necessary to bring about a look at myths. There are many myths surrounding this day of ghosts, mummies, vampires, goblins... the list goes on. But, Halloween is not the only place where myths arise. Many of us, in the church, are guilty of continuing the problem of myths. I'm [...]


You Are Cordially Invited

  Not everyone will believe the gospel, but everyone is invited. We know from scripture, and experiences, that not everyone will trust in Jesus and be saved. In fact, many sitting in the pews of the church across the country are cold to Christ and are harboring impenitent hearts, deceived into believing their presences will [...]


But God…

It was on a Thursday of 2014 I remember exactly because the greatest pain hit me. My body shivering, stomach churning, I was going to be sick. This pain continued for days with my inability to hold my food down or even walk for very long. I could no longer take the pain and uncertainty and [...]


The Genealogy of Grace

 Have you ever been curious about your family tree and your genealogy? I think it’s fascinating to find out who your people are and where they come from. But it also scares me a little; you never know what you are going to dig up, who you’re going to dig up. There are some family [...]


The Comparison Trap

It started when I complained to my Mom at the family dinner table that “it’s not fair” that my sister got a bigger slice of dessert, it seemed I was constantly looking to my left or right to see how to measure up to those around me. I’ve fallen into the comparison trap like many [...]


No Fear, Know Peace

Say no to fear. At one level fear is healthy. “Fear” is an emotion introduced by a perceived threat. It is a guiding emotion. It is God-given. It is a basic survival mechanism. It keeps us alive. It keeps us from danger. However, there is also unhealthy fear. The Greek word commonly used is phobos [...]