Love One Another

Happy Music Monday friends ❤

My Monday started off quiet amazing. I had a revelation that took a while to finally reach me with all the studying, reading and cramming I’ve put before God. The past few weeks I’ve had 4 papers and 3 tests to complete with an immense amount of course readings to complete, to say I was in over my head would be an understatement. But God, being who he is proved again his great love for me and allowed the friends I’ve made along the way to each serve a way in which to help me complete the growing pile of “To Do” items. These few individuals put their busy schedules on hold to help me. Love in its greatest form, the sacrifice they made to provide assitance.  One, proofreading the other providing references, while another was just an ear to my talking through my next steps. I went from sleeping only a few mere hours a night, worrying, and getting snarky with anyone who stepped in my way to being reminded of LOVE.

I was brought back to the beginning this morning with the most in depth devotion I’ve had since the start of school, where I no longer feared better using my time to finish an assignment or complete a reading. This devotion put everything into perspective, in my self-centred pursuit I was neglecting love. So as I set out to go about my day with this love that was revealed to me the events of my day went from ordinary to extraordinary.

As I left my house and entered the first stop sign I noticed a young girl standing on the sidewalk waiting for any of the impatient drivers to halt and allow her to cross but that didn’t happen so she stood there, sad in the eyes and waited. As I approached the stop sign, I stopped – for the first time in a long time I stopped, I wasn’t worried about deadlines or time but about helping another. As this young girl was passing my car she screamed out “THANK YOU” with the largest smile and a tear in her eyes. I had to hold back a few tears myself as to not spend my entire car ride looking like a big baby.

While driving I was almost hit by another car who neglected to both signal and check their blindspot before attempting to overtake the lane I was in. I gave a gentle honk to let the gentleman know the error in his ways and he made a harsh break in front of me while taking up two lanes on the highway I’m assuming to refocus. I waited while the driver went back into his original lane. As I was driving past him I looked (force of habit) and he looked over with shame in his eyes but I smiled, smiled to let him know I would not curse him or make him feel worse about his error. He smiled back and waved an apologetic wave and we both went on our way.

I continued in reaching the subway terminal to take me to school and noticed the time was escaping me as I waited in a line of other commuters to board the train. That’s when I noticed the reason for the hold up, a lady at the front of the line was having a conversation with the teller and it seemed she didn’t have the funds to continue her commute. In the usual rush of my day I would have squeezed past, showing my metro pass and been on my way, but not today. Today I walked up to the teller, asked for 5 tokens, paid and passed them to the lady. She smiled and I returned her smile with an “we’ve all been there” comment. As we boarded the train and heard there was a delay I almost silently cussed myself for allowing myself to get distracted twice from my usual routine but I didn’t, being late all of a sudden didn’t matter anymore.

As I exited the train and onto the street it was pouring so I opened my umbrella and was about to go on my way when I noticed a girl, shivering in the rain with no umbrella but a book she was using as a shield. We all know that books ain’t cheap… especially course books so I did something some might find unorthodox and offered she shared the umbrella with me. While sharing umbrellas she also shared with me her anxieties about school and I empathized and let her know this journey I was on. One where love became my new focus, not worrying or sweating the small stuff as to miss the bigger picture.

All these strange events in one day and I couldn’t help to be saddened by the reality that I’ve been missing these opportunities to show love. I was too busy focused on myself to realize the love that my commute could offer.

Now, I ask, “what does the word ‘Love’ mean to you?” Love allows us to welcome one another, be subject to one another, forgive one another, serve one another, encourage one another, comfort one another, bear one another’s burdens, admonish one another, stir up one another, and forebear one another (the list goes on).

I urge us all this week to focus on forbearing one another. Let your gratitude for how often God has shown forbearance to you – loving you despite your many sins, mistakes, and weaknesses – motivate you to give other people the room to be who they are, despite all their imperfections. Remember that we are all works in progress. Ask God to give you the humility, patience, grace and humour you need to accept people without judging them, and to encourage them to be themselves around you.

Let your love for the Lord transcend into your dealings with others.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:34-35). 

This week’s song is Oh How We Love You by United Pursuit ft. Will Reagan

Father, you love us without measure
Savior, you lead us to life
Spirit, you teach us to listen,
to laugh, to love, to cry
and we feel this ache inside

Jesus, oh how we love you
Jesus, oh how we love you

There’s no other we desire
There’s no other we desire

thousands of songs have been sung
stories of loss and of love
we can’t deny this aching desire to respond

Abba, oh how we love you
You’re our hope and
you are our refuge

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