Lord, Give Me You

Welcome to another dose of Music Monday this week is a little different so I’ll call it Makeover Monday because it involves a complete transformation.

This entry had been inspired by a very good friend of mine with whom I have gained wisdom with and have grown in Christ with who told me I’ve changed.

This person was right, my relationship with God has changed, I stopped reaching out to him and as a result my other relationships faltered. I’ve been neglecting my relationship with the Lord and as a result all my other relationships were struggling to make it past the cordial greetings.

It took this week for me to loose almost all my relationships to find Jesus there, arms open with a smile on his face for me to finally understand. My relationship with Him sets the foundations for the others.

People are relational beings. We have friends here and there, we have family members and relatives in a lot of places. We have our best friend, close friend, tight friend, our squad – you name it. Some relationships can last long – even a lifetime.

There will come a point in time where the tides or our humanity will push us to misunderstanding, arguments and disagreements. We all make mistakes and sooner or later we will disappoint. Even the closest relationships are not exempt from this – all relationships go through hard times.

And then it all boils down to a choice. “Will I choose the relationship over what has happened?”, “Will I accept the apology and overlook the offence?”, or “Will I choose to end the relationship and close the door?”

A happy ending must include an ending
Our idea of a happy ending is a never-ending, ultimately joyful relationship. But sometimes that is not what God has planned for you. If God takes away a relationship in your life do not view it as a failure on your part: it’s not you, it’s God.

Sometimes it ends because it’s not meant to be: “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Proverbs 18:24) and other times it ends so it can begin again. He wants you to learn from it and make the right decisions about what has happened and then He will be the one to give the relationship back to you if He so desires.

What to do when doors are closed
I’m a very relational person. I love talking with other people and making new friends – sharing stories and insights. Sure I’ve made friends here and there but I’ve also had times where the relational door was closed and I was locked out.

Just this week my family and even one of my dearest friends told me that they were closing the door on me. It was emotionally devastating for me. I had to go through a time wherein I so desperately held onto God.

My quiet time doubled. I sought God and desperately talked with Him all the time. It was a very intimate time between God and I.

See, I had two choices. The first was to take the pride road – I could’ve focused on the closed doors, the rejection and told myself “I don’t need this anyway.” Right there and then I knew if I made this choice and walked on this road, my relationships would end and there would be no room for repair.

The second choice was to follow God’s example to, “love unconditionally.” This choice would involve a lot of humility – being already rejected and still following the choice that would glorify God and repair broken relationships takes swallowing the huge pill called pride.

Closed doors can only be just that, closed doors to the unknowing eye but I realized this week that even if doors are closed on us in relationships, God can open it up in His time and in His ways. Yes these doors appear to be locked but ultimately God holds the keys.

God can change hearts. God can open doors. Trust in Him completely. You need that relationship with Him in order to be given a true example of unconditional love to carry that into your other relationships.

For this reason it is important – PIVOTAL even that we first mend our relationship with God in order to maintain the ones he’s put in our lives. We must cry out GIVE ME YOU to the Lord.

This week’s song is Give Me You by Shana Wilson

Give me You.
Everything else can wait.
Give me You.
I hope I’m not too late.

Lord, give me You.
Lord, give me You.
Lord, give me You.
Lord, give me You.

It’s me oh, Lord.
I’m on my knees.
Crying out to You.
It’s me oh, Lord I’m on my knees.
So, give me You.
Give me You..

**P.S This week was a hard one and it left me both certain and uncertain about a lot of things and it might reflect in this post so forgive me if this is not one of my bests


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