Let the Church Rise

Let the Church RISE!

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.” (Isaiah 60:1)

Happy MUSIC Monday!

How many here are still holding onto old notions that the church is simply within the four walls we drive to on Sundays, Wednesdays or maybe Fridays?

Don’t be ashamed. Many still think this way.

The church is the people who are called out like Israel was called out of Egypt. The church are those who have surrendered a life to Christ and therefore have it pulsating in them, growing the direction of Christlikeness. The church is it’s the people. That’s how people thought about the church for the first three centuries, they met in each other’s houses and worshiped. But then Constantine got this vision and so he took his pagan thinking and reshapes religion in this way. He created temples to show forth the glory of God, so now we have magnificent beautiful temples where now Christians begin to meet and soon the church began being identified as a building. Some still think this is where God lives, people today still identify the church as a glorious building. This perception stops us from RISING, as the church should.

Here’s the problem, the church should be a hospital for the broken, not just for those who are healed. We must then BE the church. We must RISE and find those patients and be their caregivers. Let us be LIGHT in the darkness. For God said these are the dark days, and how else to shine the light then leave the comfort of the brightly light church?

In order to be of a walking church we mustn’t be afraid to rise from the ashes. Truth is, when our lives reach a point of brokenness, the point where none of our resources remain, we should turn to God. He then becomes our salvation in the midst of our trials. If you mix ashes in oil and then put the mixture into a salt brine you’ll get a scum that floats to the surface. If you squeeze the scum together, you will end up with a bar of soap. What originally appeared to be a worthless waste product turned into a beneficial healing product.

Think about this concept for a moment. If you mix the ashes of your ruined dreams, or past sins along with the anointing oil of God into the salt of your tears, you will end up with useful substance.

We can then use this substance to help bring light to the world almost like a detergent, cleaning everything we come in contact with.

Saints, once we rise from the ashes, we as the church can be light in the darkness. God wants to dwell on this Earth, not just a building. It is in his people.

This week’s song is Let the Church Rise by Jonathan Stockstill & Bethany Church

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We are alive filled with Your glorious life
Out of the dark into Your marvelous light
We are waiting with expectations
Spirit, raise us up with You

Let the Church rise from the ashes
Let the Church fall to her knees
Let us be light in the darkness
Let the Church rise
Let the Church rise

[Verse 2:]
Moving with power,
Bringing Your name to the earth
Singing Your praises, lifting up glorious songs
We are moving with His compassion
Spirit fill our hearts with You

Let Your wind blow
Let Your wind blow
Let Your wind blow
Revive us again Lord



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