The Comparison Trap

It started when I complained to my Mom at the family dinner table that “it’s not fair” that my sister got a bigger slice of dessert, it seemed I was constantly looking to my left or right to see how to measure up to those around me.

I’ve fallen into the comparison trap like many others.

First thing in the morning, I check Faebook, Instagram, and Snapchat only to have a list of things I’ve already fallen behind in. Her breakfast looks healthier, his car is nicer, a colleague has written a new e-book. All of this is happening while I’m still in bed, bleary-eyed and not as polished as these few.

Did any of these people post any of the updates to cause tension, I’m sure not. The problem is it is terribly easy to view social media as a constant reminder of all the things we’re not doing. Social media isn’t the problem, it’s a comparison problem.

Sometimes we come up short – she’s skinnier, she’s smarter or she’s funnier. Sometimes, we come out on top – your house is bigger or you have a higher pay. But in this game of comparison there are no winners.

When we don’t measure up we’re left with envy and jealousy and feeling less than. While on the other hand, when comparison ends up in our favour pride and arrogance traps us. The worst of all is that comparison can leave us enjoying the misfortune of others, maybe a coworker was passed up for a promotion, a classmate fails an assignment, or you’re a bit happy to hear about a friend’s breakup.

There is simply no winning. It brings out the ugly in every individual. It stains our relationships with gossip and striving. Let’s decide today to stop playing the game of comparison – it’s a game we cannot win.

Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. Looks can be deceiving. You have NO idea what it took for someone to get that promotion, or graduate college or even get married. You have no idea what it took for them to get there. Don’t act like this was unearned or even effortless. God makes no mistakes. To save yourself the heartache don’t go thinking because you watched the movie you have a single clue about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

TRY THIS: See how many times you catch yourself in the comparison trap today and make a choice to break free, “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and envy evil work” (James 3:16). If you’re too busy looking to the left or right you’re missing out on the perfect plan God has written just for you. The secret to breaking free is with contentment. If you choose to thank God no matter which side of comparison you’re on you’ll come out on top, “But godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6).

Break free from the comparison trap today!

4 thoughts on “The Comparison Trap

  1. Awesome Post! Yes, there is no need to compare because God made us in his perfect plan and he knew our names before we were born. Thanks.


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