Jesus Paid It All


Happy Monday, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed. (Isaiah 53:4–5)

There is no question who Isaiah is talking about here. He is addressing God’s Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ. This quite possibly is the clearest passage in all of Scripture as it speaks to what he has done for us. It is crystal clear, and it is simple.

There are two central ideas in this passage:

  • First, Isaiah shows us what Jesus has done
  • Second, Isaiah shows us what Jesus had done was for us

It’s not just the fact that Jesus bore grief that he was pierced or crushed or wounded. It’s that he has born OUR griefs and carried our sorrows.

If it still isn’t all that clear let’s think about it in a different way. When you incurred a debt you couldn’t pay back you were thrown into debtor’s prison. They would write down a list of all your debts and you would have to stay in prison until it was fully paid off. But how could you do this? You couldn’t pay it off while you were free and able to work, how were you suppose to do it while you were in prison?

The only way you could get out of debtor’s prison was if somebody else came on your behalf and paid your debt. After paying them off they would take the list with all your debts and write a single word across it, tetelestai, debt paid in full. Essentially, they were saying “here is your freedom, keep this receipt so no one can ever accuse you of these same debts ever again.”

This was the word Jesus said on the cross.

There’s a story about two friends who were inseparable as children; all throughout elementary and high school these boys were there for each other. But as one of the friends moved off to college in another State pursuing Law the other no longer found an interest in pursuing postsecondary studies, and found the streets as his home. The Law student then went on to finish his graduate studies and was now a prestige Judge while his friend had a couple run-ins with the law. It was one day while the Judge was hearing cases and making his rulings that he came across a man who had been charged for burglary and assault, the two men first looked at each other and realized they knew each other. Sure enough these were the very same boys who’d grown up together, they were now at two different ends of the spectrum with one defending honor, the other breaking it. The Judge faced a dilemma because he knew this man and knew the charges against him weren’t fitting his character the boy he once called friend, but with justice as his forefront he ruled for the man to pay bail and only then would he be free. With his gavel as his last statement he stepped off the podium, wrote a check for the exact amount of his bail and passed it to his friend. Now, that’s what I’d call paying it all. Much like our relationship with God we start life with him and with all of life’s whirlwind we loose him, but no matter what mess we find ourselves in he will still be there ready to pay it all.

Folks, we no longer need to die to our sins, they’ve been paid for on the cross.

In return we must praise Him!

We trust him. We look forward to that day when we will stand before his throne, repeating the wonder that he died to save our souls. Yes, we will trust him today, and forsake the foolish pursuits that used to consume our lives. We will stop condemning ourselves for past sins or allowing others to condemn us. We will relinquish the shame we’ve harbored for so long and make ourselves worthy. We will turn from our sin, we will trust him, and we will sing. We will sing and,

Praise the One who paid our debt,
And raised our lives up from the 

Let us sing both now and forever

This week’s song is You Paid it All by Wess Morgan

(verse 1)
Unselfishly died on Calvary
Oh how you gave your life for me
Bruised, scorned, crowned your head with thorns,
No greater love performed, for me.
Nails in your hands, nails in your feet, pierced in your side could barely breath,
Could have came down, yet you remain
Standing in awe of the price you paid

I never knew of a love so true
You gave your life and still I hurt you
Lost so many times, crucified you again, but I repent
Forgive me for my sins

You paid it all , up on the cross
You bled and died, cause I was lost
So here I am, surrendering all
Lord hear my cry, on my knees I fall
You paid it all , all , all ,
you paid it all , all , all,
you paid it all .

(Verse 2)
I realized I’m no good (oooooh), there’s no money I can pay
In exchange for the blood, you shed, shed for my sins (shed for my sins, yeah)
So I surrender my heart, my life,my all,
as a living sacrifice Lord I give up everything that’s not pleasing in your sight,
so I can have everlasting life

I never knew of a love so true
You gave your life and still I hurt you
Lost so many times, crucified you again, but I repent
Forgive me for my sins

You gave up your image, you sacrifice, so that this ol’ boy can have everlasting life
You gave up your glory, so I can have my story
And I want to tell you Lord (ohhohh)
You paid it all up on the cross, you bled and died (ooooh ohh ooh oooooooooooh)


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