Bianca Blessed: He Brought Me Through

Introducing a NEW testimony for Testimonial Tuesday this month of January! I bring to you a wonderful story of faith by the lovely Bianca Blessed.

From a hustler, club girl, lost girl, to a church girl, SAVED girl, Jesus’ girl!

Knowing where I came from, and seeing where I am today, I can truly say that I AM a product of His grace!

I remember at one point in my life, I had this void and I was trying so hard to fill it…I tried filling it with money, popularity, materialistic things, & although I had all of those things in abundance, it just couldn’t fill that emptiness I had. That feeling of being lost, being unable to trust anyone, that yearning for wanting more out of life but not knowing what, running in directions that would inevitably lead me to my grave, was plaguing me & I was TIRED of it. I remember one night I said to myself, this can’t be all there is to life..this can’t be life…this can’t be my life…but then, one wonderful day, I got introduced to Jesus…and I’ll tell you with confidence, that I have never been more satisfied in all my life. I’ve never experienced such fulfillment, I’ve never been able to escape that void I had, until I met and surrendered my life to Jesus. Now, I experience this richness, quality, PEACE, this newness of life…

Folks, there is nothing in this entire universe that could satisfy you like Jesus can. I put that on everything!!! Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me!! I’m just so grateful, so incredibly thankful that He allowed me to know Him & become apart of His movement…it’s a great privilege!!

Now… finally after all this time, I have a solid reason to live, to love, to care for others sometimes more than I do for myself…I understand that my past is not who I am because I am now a new creation, chosen to put in work for the Most High God! I’m very mindful that although God is not finished with me yet, I know that the good work He started in me, He WILL finish. I understand that because I’ve been forgiven I can let go of my past, move forward and be all that I can be in Christ, reaching my full potential in life. I understand that I have purpose…& part of my purpose, is to help lead you, whomever you are that is reading this, closer to Jesus!

I’m telling you, He’s cleaned me up, turned me around and planted my feet on higher ground!

Much more than that, what He’s done for me, He can certainly do for you!! He’s more than able, please try Him!!! Get to know Him!!!

What a wonderful testament of God’s mighty hand in Bianca’s life!

**If you’re interested in joining this movement to step out in faith and share your testimony email me at 🙂

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