Falling in Love with Jesus

Happy Monday 🙂

In the Gospel passage, Jesus asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Jesus was testing Peter to see if in fact he is a rock in which the church can be built. So there is good reason Jesus asks Peter this question three times – one for each time Peter had denied him.

Today Jesus is asking, “Do you love me?” I suspect most of us are not prepared to answer that question, because we fear, if we answer honestly, what we may have to say. Many of us are not sure we love Jesus. We are not sure we even know what such a love entails.

“Do you love me?”

The question cannot be avoided. You hear of many men that successfully avoid answering this question to their mates but those in the ministry certainly cannot avoid the question.

To fall in love with Jesus is frightening. You have, I suspect, fallen in and out of love a number of times. Falling in love has the frightening effect of one’s losing control of oneself, with the result that you need up making one disastrous decision after another. So along the way we develop self-protective strategies to avoid the costs if we are again tempted to fall in love.

Yet Jesus asks you, Jesus tempts you; Jesus means to seduce you to fall in love with him – not for his sake, but for your sake and the sake of his sheep. In John’s Gospel and the passage from Acts we learn that to love the Lord requires loosing control.

Thus, to serve the Lord means to lose oneself. It will mean finding joy in the work you’ve been given. Though it is often tiresome your work is characterized by joy because we cannot imagine anything better than serving the One we love.

To love Jesus means week after week you look forward to engaging the Scripture in preparation to preach God’s word for God’s people. To love Jesus means we will suffer for Him, face judgment for Him and die for Him.

Let’s see falling in love with Jesus as the best thing we’ve ever done for in His arms we feel protected.

Let us look forward to every week with Jesus, starting with this week for He is our first love!

This week’s song is Falling in Love with Jesus by Jonathan Buttler

[Verse 1:]
Falling In Love With Jesus
Falling In Love With Jesus
Falling In Love With Jesus
Was The Best Thing I Ever, Ever Done

[Verse 2:]
In His Arms I Feel Protected
In His Arms Never Disconnected (No No)
In His Arms I Feel Protected
There’s No Place I’d Rather Rather Be

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