2016, Year of “Re…”

First Music Monday of 2016 ūüôā

2015. I part with you and it’s an easy part.

The past year has been far from easy.

2015 wasn’t my best. This year I should have started my third year at the University of Toronto but I didn’t and I still don’t know how to adequately put into words what that did to me. For some odd months God and I didn’t speak the way we use to. My tongue struggled to confess His name.

I have always considered myself good with money.¬†Being in debt was one of my biggest fears which is why I never missed a deadline on my phone bill or refused to get a credit card. But the biggest shock of my life came when even after my careful financial watch I still had an overdue fee on my student account. With two other siblings in University living on campus being funded through my¬†Father instead of OSAP, it gets hard. With that being said, 2015 hit me hard. As I logged into my student account in the summer I noticed a overdue warning and laughed at how the University got it wrong. Me? Late in a payment… yea right! Both my Father and I weren’t the type to miss a payment. But my negligence looking back at it was my biggest downfall. If I had just checked my student account periodically¬†instead of assuming all fees were taken care of by my Father as they have been the 2 years previously I would’ve known the payments weren’t being made by my Father.¬†So there I was… struck out of luck and looking to pay off the balance in one month. I¬†knew my God was awesome but He wouldn’t reward my negligence. With nothing left to do but raise the money I was working two jobs sometimes working 18 hours days just to make it back to school. It’s funny, I was working with little to no sleep all to get into school while many were skipping classes or contemplating dropping out I was killing myself slowly trying to get where they were.

I would go to work and hear people complaining about working 5 hours without a break while I was begging no to take a break because I couldn’t afford to lose more pay. That’s when it happened, I fought with God. I yelled, screamed and cried. Since I was a child I had dreamt about being a Judge, like our great Lord is our advocate and judge and to see that dream dissolving in front of me was scary. My fight to return to school became less important to me because I felt I was all alone. I started using my savings and going on trips and even went as far as planning to drop out of school. It took a praying family and a wise best friend¬†to reveal something I forgot about… God’s love is relentless and won’t stand to see His child miserable. Love keeps its promises and I was promised as a child that I would do great things for the Kingdom as a Judge making rulings for the Lord. Kyle¬†(my best friend) were on our way to watch the Nutcracker a couple nights ago and the route called for us to pass my campus and I cried, he turned to me and said “don’t worry, you’ll be back soon.” My tears turned into joy and for the first time in a while I believed it.

2016, this year I KNOW I will make it back to school but not on my own like I had been doing in 2015.

This year saints is OUR year to make a move for the Kingdom. This post wasn’t easy and neither was 2015 but with God we can do it all.

As we venture into 2016 let us focus our attention on Jesus, and feel Him because He is all around. When the storm arises we won’t be shaken and we won’t move. Through the shadows His light appears. Let us not walk into 2016 without acknowledging His presence.

This is the year of “RE”
REbirth – Being born again
REstoration – Returning to our Father up above
REmembering – Focusing on where we’ve come from and seeking to go further
REdirection – Allowing God to change our path
REnewal – Renewing our membership with God
REmoval – Getting rid of the waste of our past
REvitalization – Impacting a new life with God
REstore – Renovate our lives so it returns to it’s original condition
REbuild – Creating new things rooted in God
REdo – Let’s do it all again…differently!

Please do not judge me for my candidness, I¬†am done being closed off because that didn’t work for me in 2015.

This week’s song is¬†City of Hope by Amanda Cook & Bethel Music

Once we were a barren land Dry from disappointment
But heaven like a heavy rain
Revealed Your heart for us
Now we’re dusting off our instruments
In You we found our will to live
What was once a wilderness
Is seeming with new life
Cuz You are mending the broken-hearted
You are making all things new
And You’re rebuilding out of the ruins
A city of hope with the ones You love
Adoption is our heritage
Chosen from the orphanage
The Father’s great inheritance
Bestowed upon us all
Cuz You are mending the broken-hearted
You are making all things new
And You’re rebuilding out of the ruins
A city of hope with the ones You love

And we’re the ones You love
We’re the ones You love
We’re the ones you love
We’re the ones you love
You’re rebuilding out of the ruins
A city of hope with the ones You love (You love, You love, You love)

Cuz You are mending the broken-hearted
You are making all things new
You’re rebuilding out of the ruins a city of hope with the ones You love

No longer shall we be dry from disappointment. Let’s dust of our instruments and sing again, sing a new song to the Lord for He is good. God is mending our broken hearts, He is making new things and rebuilding us out of the ruins.


6 thoughts on “2016, Year of “Re…”

  1. Hello Rishae,
    Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your candidness very much. I am learning something similar that it’s a beautiful thing
    to truly be open and share your experiences. So don’t apologize for that. Sorry about the situation,
    but God is for you always! He has a greater plan beyond what we can see at times. Anyway, continue to use your words as a mighty influence for good. ūüôā Love reading your posts. I will be in touch. Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot say thank you anymore than I already have for your support. EVERYTHING you’ve done, openly or privately is greatly appreciated. I thank God for a reminder of how wonderful friends are in our walk with Him ‚̧ Love your posts. Keep in touch. God bless you!


  2. Rishae you truly are a trooper for Christ. In spite of all you’ve gone through this year, you still remain faithful, and your blog entries speak to this. May God bless you on your journey! Keep striving in faith!

    Liked by 1 person

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