Never Would’ve Made It

It’s Monday!… Night.

I work two jobs and get up 4:30am and get home for 11pm so I’m sorry for making this Music Monday so late. Pray for me saints!

I can honestly say I NEVER would’ve made it without Jesus. Today was a challenging day. I had to literally look in the mirror and say “I’m better, I’m stronger, because of you Jesus.”As I was speaking to customers all I could do was think back on all God brought me through to hold myself together because I never would’ve made it without Him, I would’ve lost it all. As I left work for the night and got in my car I was surprised to see the high piles of snow covering the ground. For my fellow Torontonians you know we have had a very mild winter. Tonight everything changed. As I got in my car in the dark of night with no snow tires and an empty gas tank I made my way through the streets, slipping and sliding, while breaking when needed I realized I had come very close to a fatal accident. For some reason, a reason I sometimes still wonder about, God SAVED me. Not just tonight but the nights leading up to tonight. As 4 ambulance vans zoomed past me I realized it could’ve been me. How many times do we hear that? Sounds like a cliche right? Well this time it’s the truth. God was right there. He’s been there all along. Let’s remember this and choose to follow Him. I made it home with tears soaking my face, I realized I made it because I had God to hold on to. I could literally picture Him shielding me while I drove in the car.


Let’s choose to Make A Deal with God tonight!

I’m sure many of us know or have heard of the television show Let’s Make A Deal where guests wear crazy costumes and win merchandise and are offered the opportunity to trade that merchandise for something else. If they choose to trade their prizes there’s the possibility of a “zonk,” where they walk away with nothing. A big risk right.

You may wonder what that has to do with our text. Well, the answer is simple. The Lord wants us to make a deal with Him. The Lord sent a man named Moses down to a place called Egypt to speak to a king called Pharaoh to let the enslaved people of God go. When Pharaoh refused to let the people go God sent awful judgment upon Pharaoh. Pharaoh was louring Moses in by asking him to trade that which God had promised him for something less.

This is very necessary today because although the enemy tries to make a deal with you, there are only “zonks” involved in that trade.

My friends, God wants to lead you to a life that is Spirit-filled and blessed. The Devil wants to get you to trade the blessings of God for the rubbish of the world and then abandon you for the his next victim, God will HOLD on. The Devil will offer you every compromise at his disposal to attempt to lead you astray but like God led me safely home, He will do the same to you, our heavenly home. Learn the truth tonight that Satan’s desire for you is to trade gold for stone sand glory for sorrows. Let’s Make A Deal with Jesus tonight.

P.S This is the LAST Music Monday of 2015… where has the time gone? :O

This week’s song is Never Would’ve Made it by Marvin Sapp

Never would have made it
Never could have made it without You
I would have lost it all
But now I see how You were there for me

And I can say
Never would have made it
Never could have made it
Without You

I would have lost it all
But I now I see
How You were there for me
And I can say

I’m stronger, I’m wiser
I’m better, much better

When I look back
Over all You brought me through
I can see that You were the One
I held on to

Love you all,

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