He is Faithful even when we are Faithless

Some encouragement today!

“If we are unfaithful, yet he remains faithful; he cannot deny himself. If we believe not, yet he abides faithful: he cannot deny himself. If we believe not, yet he stays faithful: he cannot deny himself. if we are faithless, he abideth faithful; for he cannot deny himself.”

2 Timothy 2:13

Sometimes you get to the point where you’re believing for something like the Lord to heal you, free you and things just don’t look like they’re working out or haven’t worked out. Maybe you’ve gotten discouraged or just worn out and feel like you have no faith at all. Paul is our prime example of how wrong we are in thinking this. Here’s Paul, he’s been shipwrecked, starved, beaten and stoned but he can still say to Timothy that Jesus is faithful. It is totally understandable to feel like you’ve believed as hard as you can believe but it isn’t enough. However, I know personally the greatest miracles in my life came when it looked like it was all over. BUT, Jesus was faithful when I was faithless. We get the greatest resistance from the enemy but that always comes right before your miracle. The devil comes at us trying to steal our faith. Satan comes and tries to steal the Word so that you cannot believe and receive what it is God wants you to receive.

God cannot deny Himself even when our faith hits the rocks He remains the same, consistent, unchanging, unfailing God. After all, Israel was unfaithful and rebelled against God, still God was faithful to Israel and to Himself. He still brought Israel into the promise land and still destroyed those who rebelled against Him.

Paul warns Christians not to fall into the same sin of unbelief but also lets us know that even in our unbelief God remains true to His Word. What I want to do today is bring a word to the faithless from the Faithful One. Wherever you find yourself today, maybe you think that you’re in a state of faithlessness and unbelief, and you’ve denied the lord or you’ve let the Lord down, or you’re turning your back on the Lord, or you’re doubting the Lord’s goodness in your life – here is a word to the faithless from the Faithful.

There are times where we lose our zeal for holiness and for prayer, and for faith and for good works, and all the rest of it – but does God reverse His grace? Does God let us go? Does God turn His back on us? Isn’t it wonderful that even when we find ourselves in the direst unbelief as a child of God, that this is a God that cannot deny us the way we would deny Him? Maybe there’s a child of God here and you don’t pray any longer, you don’t meet with the prayer meeting to pray; or maybe there’s a preacher here and you’ve lost faith in preaching, you think that God has lost His cause. I’ll be the first to say that was I. I didn’t think my struggle would ever end, I knew God no longer, but He still knew me, He still had a plan for me. God will always remain faithful.

So, when you are discouraged just rise up and say, “Lord you are faithful when I am faithless. I’m just going to rely on you’re faith. You are the author and you are the finisher, I am going to let you take over and finish this for me.”

I pray that you’ll understand that it is not the Lord coming to steal the promise from you, it is the devil that’s coming to steal the Word that gives you hope, joy and peace. Don’t let him do it just continue to say, “Jesus is faithful” continue to believe and declare your faith and you will see more doors open up.

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