Why We Worship

Bethel Worship Night was A-MA-ZING

The city of Toronto broke free from all chains and let out a cry to the Lord and He heard us. Whether you have an opportunity to experience a Bethel Worship Night just know that God is making a way for not only our lives but our country, this nation, the universe!! Let us remember that when we worship.


When people ask why I worship I tend to question how can you not? (That’s the only time I’ll answer a question with a question)

The second you encounter God, no matter what life looks like it doesn’t change God’s goodness so how can you not, how can you not worship and just love Him so much and not be able to hold back that love so you shout, sing, dance, clap or stomp.

Life’s a journey I have had tough seasons and I’ve had people be there for me who would pray for me and talk to me and just surround me, I would be elsewhere if it weren’t for those people and I feel that’s an expression of God’s heart. God loves for us to look to Him but when we find Him in the heart of others we really see that through worship (however that looks or sounds) we are operating in the body of Christ.

A word I got from last night is that God delights in showing mercy and mercy triumphs over judgment! Everything from our past embraced, sins forgiven we are blameless in His sight our histories are rewritten. Fear cannot be found in Him so let us wake and spend our days loving the One who has raised us up from death to life from wrong to right for He is making all things beautiful. Let us reach a new height of adoration, admiration, and atonement in our worship.

Let this be your prayer today: Lord, take us deeper than we’ve ever been.


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