No Application Form Needed

Life can be so unfair with all its rigorous applications. We apply for jobs, scholarships, universities, bursaries, credit, positions and unfortunately even in the completion of these application forms we are not chosen. We commit endless hours into better qualifying ourselves for these applications still nothing. I’ll share a bit of my testimony. I have three sisters, all of which are in school. One sister is in school for Dental, the other for Engineering and I’m there for my Undergrad in Law. They both live on campus and because I go to a school closer than the two I commute. OSAP has never been a thing our parents wanted us to be apart of … that was one application we were able to avoid. So here we are, three sisters striving for excellency in school at the dime of our parents who are paying tens of thousands without a complaint or delay. This year I was determined to pitch in more than simply paying for my course books and transportation, I told myself I was going to win a scholarship because being at the University of Toronto the 16th ranked school in the world ain’t cheap. Almost everyday I woke up to a new scholarship that I applied for to the best of my ability making it a total count of over 30 applications. I placed fourth for almost all of these scholarships and everyone knows fourth placed winners don’t receive anything but a simple shout-out. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I had applied myself and saw NO outcome, I was back where I started leaving my parents with the payment. Even given my many applications, NOTHING. Then I questioned my applications from scholarships, jobs and relationships and realized they’re all bias. I started questioning my applications and wondered if I was applying myself to the wrong thing. It then hit me… We need no application form with God! God chose us after all.

We don’t have to write endless essays, vigorously check our emails or the post office for word on our application because it is not needed with God. We should feel satisfaction knowing God chose us all, not because of what experiences we have, how much money we have or how many connections we have but because He LOVES us.

Life can have a lot of ups and downs. There are happy times that propel us through our days and there are hard times that threaten to steal our joy. In the midst of it all we should remember that we are a “chosen” generation and that should lit a fire in our hearts. To be chosen is to be accepted. A greater acceptance than being placed into the 16th ranked school in the world or receiving the scholarship you need. To be chosen is to be favored. To be chosen is to be embraced. What an amazing thing that is!

Now, read through what Ephesians tells us about God.

“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love” (Ephesians 1:4 NIV)

Hold on just a moment and think about that…


Therefore, if we don’t get that job, scholarship, credit approval, university acceptance know that the greatest acceptance comes from God and there is no application form needed for His Kingdom, He is not bias, He chose us all.

4 thoughts on “No Application Form Needed

  1. Amen! How Awesome He is! Thinking of us and loving us without us doing one thing! Sorry you didn’t get the Scholarship but you still got Jesus 🙂 May God bless you like this Numbers 6:24 🙂 Have a lovely evening 🙂


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