No Gray

Music Monday’s are back… third week in. Time flies when you’re having fun! Have you ever considered yourself stuck in a gray area in your relationship with God? If you’re afraid to answer yes, don’t be! I’m sure we’ve all been there where part of us loves the world and the other loves the Word. Often times we’d like to look cool and sometimes that means forsaking His word. But see it doesn’t work like that; we’ve got to be white or black (no, this is not racially based). There is no gray area. You are either in the light or in the dark.

Many people just ignore God in all these areas, and they think what they do is just a “no problem”, and they often ask: “How far can we go in the wrong direction and still be okay with God?”… This is really a blasphemous question, because the godly man does not ask how much I may unglorify God and still be okay… The godly man asks: “How much more should I come closer to God and know His mind in order to love Him more and glorify Him more?” Indeed, our only goal and occupation is God’s Glory, i.e. our holiness, i.e. reflecting God’s Holiness in our lives: “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) Maybe you think “I can still go to the club I’ll just stand by the wall or I’ll be the designated driver.” But see it doesn’t work like that you’ve got to be white or black, no shades of gray (yes, that includes 50 Shades of Gray), no compromise.

Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of gray areas, where I was split in two. I was simply acting saved. Having my cake and eating it too. I was enjoying my Saturday nights of sin doing what I know God would not have approved of and returning to the heart of worship on Sunday’s. But I didn’t want to keep going to church living as if I didn’t care that God’s hurt. If it was God I was truly after, I knew couldn’t serve two masters. I’ve realized when it comes to sin you just don’t compromise it’s a matter of death of life.

Although I have come a mighty long way through God’s grace and mercy I know it is real easy to return to that gray area, sitting on the fence. For this reason I am going to further my distance from this gray area and worship God ALL week long in cutting ties with ALL secular music. I understand the debate on secular music is quite prominent and that will be addressed in a later blog post as I do not see all secular music being bad, but they do not compete with a sweet Gospel melody. This week there’s no grey with my music, my worship, and my praise. I’ll fill you in next week on how this challenge goes, feel free to join in this challenge and if you can comment with songs I can listen to within the week that would be greatly appreciated!

This week’s song is Jonathan McReynolds – No Gray.

4 thoughts on “No Gray

  1. First, I like the new look of the blog (love those colors together)! Second, what non-gospel artists do you listen to? When I began my walk I just cut off ALL non-gospel music just to be on the safe side (AND I was too lazy to search through the music, lol).


    1. Thank girl! Lol I don’t blame you. I enjoy India Arie, John Legend, Musiq Souldchild, Erykah Badu, Tori Kelly, Kendrick Lamar, Corinne Rae Bailey, trust me the list is pretty extensive hehe

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