Five Classics of Self-Deception

Truth sets us free so no matter how hard we try and hide the truth Proverbs says he who covers his sins will not prosper and God’s not going to keep sin hidden. Maybe there’s someone reading this that has been contemplating doing something bad this week because you think you can get away with it; you think you’ll be able to hide it; you think you’ll be pleased with it. But it’s going to come out, trust me… been there done that from the innocent theft to the willful cheating. Be sure your sin will come out. If you’ve been convincing yourself it’s alright I’m afraid your deception starts with yourself, think about how much heartache comes from thinking about things that are not true, from preaching to ourselves things that are not true.

Five classics of self-deception:

  1. I can handle it – Not without God you can’t!
  2. What they don’t know won’t hurt them – Yeah it will hurt them, it’ll hurt them and you when it all comes out.

All the classics of self-deception are awful but be very careful of the third one.

  1. I deserve this.

I deserve this. Depositing the disappointments of life into a bank and saving through the day preparing to purchase what you know God doesn’t want for you is a problem many suffer. Some may say, “I deserve this, don’t you see what I’ve done?” or “Don’t you see where I’m coming from?” Where is all this justification going? Nowhere good.

This form of self-deception focuses on what we think we deserve. Psalm 51:6 says surely you desire truth, surely God you desire me to focus my mind on what is actually true.


  1. I’m going through the motions, my body is in the right place.

Here you are, sitting at church again, doing what you’re supposed to do. BUT, what does your heart look like? Your heart is what matters; your heart is what God pays attention to. God wants our hearts! We’re wrong for thinking that going to that job, punching in and out of the clock day in and day out or going to church is enough. Going through the motions of external conformity is NOT what God wants. God knows, He knows we sometimes honour Him with our lips but our hearts are far from Him. In Isaisah 1:13 God says “bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me,” let’s make a promise to no longer trample on God’s corpse after He died for us, the very sin we are hiding.

This is not an easy task, that I know. But, if you’re lying to yourself saying, “I can handle this,” or “what they don’t know won’t hurt them,” or “I deserve this,” and “at least I’m going through the motions” find comfort knowing you’re not alone and that with God we can learn to walk in truth.

The fifth classic of self-deception follows,

  1. I’m innocent.

Are you really innocent? None of this is your fault? You haven’t made it worse? You haven’t kept it going?

To have a peace of mind, the lying has to stop.

Peace cannot dwell in lying and dissonance. Dissonance comes from deception. Deception is dissonance. We all know the difference between a chord on the piano that sounds right and one that sounds eh, dissonance. And there’s no peace in the mind that is dwelling on deception.

God helps us with that, but we must be willing to make this step to recovery.

Ask yourself this, “Is this true, objectively true, provable, irrefutable?”

The next thing to think about is whether it is true and HONOURABLE. True thoughts are how we think to ourselves; honourable thoughts are how we think about others. How do we think about those who do not like us? Jesus said love your enemies, pray for those who spitefully use you. In your mind, love them; feel sorry about someone who would do that. Pray for God to get a hold of them. You’re not the only one she’s done that to. They aren’t always going to be like that, you can still pray and still make a difference in your prayer. You’re not innocent if you aren’t trying to fix the situation; it is simply another boldfaced lie.

Be blessed 🙂

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