How To Get Away With Murder

We are children of the most high, no matter the age, race, and gender so when people see us there needs to be something different from the inside that radiates to the outside. We should stand out, shine even in the darkest areas. Even if we’re not accepted, maybe we get fired from our job or our friends forsake us we must remember that God still has us. But, how can we be set apart? Through our words, our walk, our thoughts. We need the world to see Jesus in us, like JJ Weeks Band song “Let Them See You.” We must take the things of the world and turn them into an opportunity to further the kingdom of God. Take the show “How To Get Away With Murder” as an example. In this show the main character is playing a lawyer and also a law Professor who’s teaching her pupils that she doesn’t care if her client is guilty or innocent, it doesn’t matter to her. What matters is that they win; in this she’s teaching her students how to discredit their witnesses to help their client, the accused. She puts the courtroom in turmoil just so they can win. In this she is teaching them how to get away with murder. Unlike this lawyer, I thank God that our lawyer, Jesus Christ, is JUST as revealed in Psalms 98:9; our lawyer is the straight path, we can also argue He is the only path. The difference we see between the two is revealing what it is we are killing. In one case we are murdering the truth, the other SIN. The main character in this series teaches the students how to get away with murder by sinning while Christ said I’ll let you get away with murder by me dying, that every time you sin your sins are the nails that pierce into His hand. Your sins are the spikes that pierce His feet. Your sins are the spear in His side. And the crown of thorns on His head is from your sins. So, the great judge says, instead of the defendant (us) dying, the lawyer (Jesus) will die. And so every time Satan tries to accuse you and tells you that you deserve death your lawyer in Heaven stands up and says, look at my hands, look at my feet, look at my side, all of that sin, all of that wrath was poured onto me. So if you want to know how to get away with murder understand that the only way to do so while avoiding God’s wrath is to rest in His son to murder ourselves and be new creations in Him. If we follow the teaching of the series, we will surely fall because here’s the crazy thing, Jesus didn’t die for you to be weak in your faith. If Christ’s death is the power for us to be forgiven from the penalty of sin then it is also the freedom from the bondage of sin so why are we concerned in keeping our sin alive? So now every believer as John Piper would say needs to have a mean streak, a hateful angry mean streak, not against people but against every last thing that is antichrist that you should hate pornography, that you should hate gluttony that you should hate religion as a way to Christ instead of religion being a way to have a relationship with Christ, that you should hate anything that comes between you and Heaven all of these should be put to death. So as Paul said, be a murderer but be a murderer of your flesh, for Paul beat his body, his flesh into submission, so if we want a chance to get away with murder let us use the same nail we used to crucify our Saviour to crucify our flesh. I leave you with this, if you want to know how to get away with murder, repent, believe in Jesus take him off the cross, you get on it and put Him back on the throne. The only thing we should be killing is our flesh for the one thing we should murder is sin and it can only be done through our Lord and Saviour.

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