Hi! My name is Rishae Pinnock and here’s my blog, “No Strings Attached”! I am a 20 year-old Canadian who LOVES all things Jesus, the colour yellow, with a slight obsession with art. I am currently walking by faith in the calling God has for my life! I am a student at the University of Toronto completing my undergrad in law in hopes of being a prosperous judge. I blog from a vast array of topics in the Christian walk.

No Strings Attached is a constant reminder of the lifestyle I’m choosing to live, to honour Jesus. It is my commitment to share with believers and nonbelievers all over the world that their worth is found in Christ and nothing or no one else. My website is here to encourage men and women alike that they are valued in the eyes of God beyond what their body, soul and mind has to offer. I pray that the content you find here is a blessing to you in many ways! Thanks for visiting! Cheers.